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CCSD21 a school is comprised of 13 schools across 6 different communities in Illinois.


Community Consolidated School District 21 serves nearly 7,000 students in 13 schools across 6 communities in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Frost Elementary School serves students through 5th grade. School starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 3:30 PM daily.

The Parent’s Guide to Robert Frost


Bicycle riding is not permitted on school grounds between 8:30 am and 3:45 pm. When students ride their bicycles to school, they are expected to dismount at the edge of the school property and walk their bikes to the bike racks located on the South side of the school.

Scooters may be ridden to school but must be locked up at the bike rack as they are not permitted in the classrooms. In addition, students riding scooters to school must dismount and walk them while on school property.

Kindergarten students are not permitted to ride bicycles to school; first and second-grade students are discouraged from doing the same. Students who ride their bikes are expected to follow proper safety procedures and lock their bikes to the bike racks using proper chains and locks.

Box Tops, Coke Cokes, and Tyson A+ Label

Why we collect these items:

Several companies offer schools money or points that can be used to purchase equipment and supplies for the school. The proceeds from our drives have helped the school purchase new gym/recess equipment, learning aids for the classrooms, and much more.

How does it work?

Throughout the year we collect box tops/labels/codes in the school lobby on a daily basis. When turning in Box Tops/Codes please ensure excess packaging is removed and the item is not expired.

The Buddy Bench

The Buddy Bench is a bench located in the middle of the Robert Frost playground. The purpose of this bench is to eliminate loneliness and foster friendship. If a child feels lonely and doesn’t have someone to play with, they simply sit on the bench. Other students will see the child and come over to invite them to play.

What do the letter days mean?

Throughout the school year, we have certain days of the week that are off due to holidays, school improvement days, etc. Because of this, we have a “letter day” calendar that we use so that there is equity throughout the school year.

For example…there are 180 days in a school year…by dividing the days into “letter days” (A, B, C, D, E) it ensures that there are 30 of each letter day. Monday is not always “A” day. Monday could be a “B” day. Tuesday could be “C” day…and so on.

You may hear your child say, “Today is “B” day.”That could mean that your child has gym or music or art on that day. Your child’s teacher will send home a schedule with those “letter days” and what specials area classes they have on those days. 

Frost Library procedures

Students visit the school library each week and are allowed to check out books to bring home.

  • Kindergarten and 1st Grade can check out 1 book per week.
  • 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade can check out 2 books per week.
  • 4th Grade and 5th Grade can check out 3 books per week.

All students have a scheduled check out time each week. Books are due the following week and can be renewed if they are needed longer. Books can be exchanged at any time by their classroom teachers.


Mini-courses were created to offer options for students during their lunch time recess. It is done on a volunteer basis by our PTO families. Some courses offered have been languages, arts and crafts, science, and service projects. Contact the PTO board if you are interested in helping run a course.

No excuses university

Robert Frost Elementary School is a part of the No Excuses University Network. As a part of this network we believe:

  • Every student has the right to be educated in a way that prepared them for college
  • It is the responsibility of educators to create six exceptional systems that make college a reality

We are grounded in these six exceptional systems (Culture of Universal Achievement, Collaboration, Standards Alignment, Assessment, Data Management, Interventions) and this guides us to working toward providing EVERY student with the highest quality education in order that they are prepared for college and career.

Frost students learn to become active participants in their education and are held accountable for their effort.

As parents, we ask that you help support this venture by discussing college with your child and helping them to understand that higher level education allows them to be relevant in a global economy and higher potential earners.

Picture Days

There are two opportunities to take and order pictures at Frost, one in the early fall and one in the spring. All students will take a picture, it is up to you to order. The individual pictures, once the order is placed, it usually will come home about a month or so later.

Red Flag

The red flag out front means that the weather is inclement. When you arrive at school prior to 9:00 am, and you see this red flag, please drop your child off at the front of the building and they will go inside immediately. The red flag is displayed in the morning only.


All of our outdoor supervisors can be identified by their yellow vests. They are here to help ensure your safety and the safety of all our students. If you have a question about our safety procedure, they will be happy to assist you.

Drop Off Procedure

  • Drop off students in the front of the building beginning at 8:30 am
  • Students go to the back of the school
  • 8:55 am teachers bring students into the building


  • Exit your vehicle while in the drop off line. If you must get out of your car, please park and walk your child in.
  • Enter the parking lot south of the school – this is for teachers and buses ONLY.
  • Park on Aspen DR. South of the school

Pick-Up Procedures

  • Pick up students in front of the building – dismissal is 3:30 pm
  • Pull car ALL the way forward
  • Do not cut in line
  • Supervisor with a yellow vest will bring your child to the car
  • Do not park on Aspen Dr. South of the school


You May Park:

  • On Aspen Dr directly across from the school and North of the school
  • On Aztec in designated areas

You May NOT Park:

  • On N. Oneida Lane during Drop Off or Pick Up
  • In areas of the street with painted lines

**When walking home, please only cross the street in the designated crosswalk! Look both ways!

Spirit days

Every Monday (or the first day of the week) wear a “No Excuses” T-Shirt of any College related Spirit Wear

Every Friday, wear a Frost School Shirt or Sweatshirt. Spirti Wear is sold at the beginning of the school year through the PTO.

Support Staff

Frost is fortunate to have so many support staff and resources available to their students. Many support staff work with students along side the classroom teacher in the class. In addition, depending on the student’s needs, provide some opportunities to work with students outside classrooms. For a full list of support staff please refer to the website under “staff list.”